Defiance Area Inpatient Hospice Center

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6817 State Route 66 North
Defiance, OH 43512

When a life-limiting illness is no longer manageable at home or an able caregiver is not available, CHP's Inpatient Hospice Centers in Defiance and Van Wert provid e a compas sionate alternative. These free-standing residential facilities allow patients to remain in a homelike setting.

Levels of care are determined by the needs and conditions of the patient: 


  • Acute Care - Under Medicare Hospice regulations, General Inpatient Care is only for uncontrolled symptoms or complications. The staff develops a plan to help both patient and family.
  • Residential Care - If a patient no longer meets the criteria for General Inpatient Care, he or she is switched to Residential Care. If a patient who has been switched to Residential Care develops uncontrolled symptoms or complications, he or she is returned to General Inpatient Care. The key is the patient's daily medical condition.
  • Respite Care - Medicare allows Respite Care under specific circumstances to provide reli ef for a family caregiver. Medicare covers a hospice patient who leaves his or her home and enters inpa tient care for up to five days.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, progressive, community-based, home health services to the people of northwest and west central Ohio.